Pandemic Reopening Plan

2020-2021 School Year

Renaissance School plans to re-open for the 2020-2021 school year for 100% in-person learning! We will be following recommended guidelines and exercising the following precautions:

  • Everyone’s temperature will be taken before entering the school.
  • Classes will not interact with each other.
  • Assembly will take place in the classroom through intercom.
  • PE and Enrichment classes will be separated.
  • Classes will have their own designated areas for lunch, breaks, dismissal, and recess.  These areas may also be used as an outdoor classroom.
  • Classes will not pass each other in the hallways.
  • Rooms will be sanitized before each class enters.
  • Students will sit in individual desks.
  • Each desk will have a clear plexiglass partition.
  • Hand sanitizer will be ready and available at all times.
  • Hand washing will be strictly enforced before eating, and after using the restroom.
  • Humidifiers will be used in each classroom.
  • In addition to our daily cleaning routine, the facility will be sprayed after students leave with a hospital grade disinfectant fogger.
  • All employees have received OSHA training in sanitizing procedures.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my child is sick?

We are aware that it is very possible that many students will be out of school due to viral related illness.  In order to accommodate students that are unable to physically attend school due to documented illness, we will provide a distance learning program.  This program will consist of recorded classes, daily interaction with the student’s teacher(s) and assignments.

Will students be made to wear masks?

Students will not be required to wear a mask but, may choose to.

What happens if a student is exposed to CoVid-19?

If a student comes in close contact with someone over an extended amount of time that is known to be infected with CoVid-19, we ask that that student self-quarantine for 10 days while receiving distance learning. 

Will a class be shut down if a student in the class becomes infected with CoVid-19?

A class will not be shut down if a student in the class becomes infected with CoVid-19.  If students knowingly closely encountered the infected student for an extended amount of time during the contagious period, then the student may be asked to self-quarantine while receiving distance learning.

Will after school activities and after school care continue?

Yes, after school activities and after school care will continue.  The schedule is as follows:

Monday                                  GenerateTech                      6th-10th Grades

Tuesday                                 Dance                                  All Ages

Wednesday                           Band                                      4th Grade & Up

Thursday                               Soccer                                   All Ages

Friday                                    Taekwondo                           All Ages

After school activities will begin at 2:45 p.m. and will located at RSES.  Enrollment information will be available the first week of August.

Will students go to the GenerateTech facility?

GenerateTech will come to RSES this year.

Will we still be able to have our annual events?

Our annual events will be modified to meet safety recommendations, this includes Meet the Teacher.

When is Meet the Teacher?

Meet the Teacher is August 13th.  An email with specific information regarding safety modifications will be sent out the first week of August.

When is the first day of school?

The first day of school is August 17th

How can I prepare my student for returning to school?

Good hygiene is more essential now more than ever.  Please teach your student how to open their own food packages, step back when speaking or standing next to others, wash their hands frequently, cough into their elbow if they do not have a tissue, take showers every evening and do not re-wear clothes without washing them first.

What happens if we cannot continue a full school day?

Please note that there is no intention of shutting down.  However, if a shut down is ordered there are two possible plans.  They are as follows:

Students will begin attending only Math, ELA, Science and History classes with the following modifications:

  • All current practices will continue.
  • Students will be broken into smaller groups and attend with classmates that are on a similar level.
  • Student’s age and intervention services will determine the length of the student’s school day.
  • Students will not intermingle with students not in their group.
  • Teachers will move from classroom to classroom while students remain in the same classroom.

Distance learning:

  • Will include Math, ELA, Science, History, and intervention services.
  • Best practices criteria will be met.
  • Face-to-face interaction and assignments will be provided electronically.

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