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Get To Know All About Us

The Renaissance School is a small learning community designed to provide both a college-prep and career-ready curriculum.

We are a non-profit school that believes students deserve to be taught in the way they learn best – in small group settings with differentiated, hands-on learning opportunities. Our curricular opportunities are designed to help students propel past the barriers that are keeping them from fulfilling both their academic and life goals.

Our Approach To Teaching

Renaissance School offers a small group setting that integrates a multi-sensory approach into every aspect. We have groups, not grades. Student are placed according to their academic ability, social ability, and age. Each group is always taught to the highest grade level in the group and work is differentiated upon the individual students needs. This type of placement, in conjunction with smaller groups of twelve students or less, allows us to meet students where they are, fill in their gaps, and move them forward. Students that are able can also be accelerated and challenged through this type of instruction.

State standards are met through our curriculum, but are typically exceeded because of the smaller setting and multi-sensory approach. Our teaching staff is truly gifted and enjoys diving deep into subjects to provide detailed material. This is great for students with all learning patterns, as this way of teaching holds their attention and makes them excited about school! Students gain great knowledge and actually enjoy doing it! We measure our students progression by following our data schedule that includes: assessments upon entry, curriculum assessments throughout the year, and standardized testing (depending upon the grade level). While assessments are important our goal is always to teach higher order learning and thinking skills.

At Renaissance School we understand that gifts come in many shapes and forms. In order to meet all of our students needs and interests we offer a well-versed enrichment program. Enrichment classes are everyday and include PE, theatre, art, logic (upper-level groups), and Alabama 4H. We incorporate social and life skills into our enrichment classes so students are given the tools necessary to meet their fullest potential in the real world.

Our Philosophy

At the Renaissance School, we strive to renew confidence and awaken excellence in our students. We understand that everyone learns differently; therefore we use a systematic, differentiated, multi-sensory approach to address individual needs and empower each student. Our curricular opportunities are designed to help students propel past the barriers that are keeping them from fulfilling both their academic and life goals.

Our Mission

Renaissance School of the Eastern Shore exists to educate and empower nontraditional and traditional learners by using an integrated multi-sensory approach in a small group setting.

Our Vision

Renaissance School of the Eastern Shore strives to assist students in reaching their fullest potential academically and socially.

Courtney Klotz

Executive Director, Head of School

Courtney Klotz brings over 20 years of nonprofit experience to her position as Executive Director & Head of School at The Renaissance School of the Eastern Shore.

Courtney currently lives in the Fairhope area with her husband and three children. Courtney, her husband and children are all “outside-the-box” learners.

About Our Team

To teach the greatest students, you need the greatest teachers, and Renaissance School has recruited some of the greatest staff from across the country to teach this next generation of leaders!

Renaissance teachers carry advanced degrees and certifications, but just as importantly they possess a passion for their jobs as mentors, and a servant’s heart for leading our children into the next generation! 

Renaissance Is Family

When you enroll your child at Renaissance, you can do so with the peace of mind of knowing they will receive not only the best education, but they will be cared for like they were our own!

Meet The Team

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